Heaven is For Real for Kids ~ Lesson One

When my sweet Mama passed away this past April, my four-year-old had a lot of questions for me about Heaven.
When can we go to Heaven? If God can do anything, why doesn’t He have a phone in Heaven so we can call Mema?

 Where is Heaven?

The Bible has a lot to say on the subject, but sometimes it’s difficult to approach the subject of Heaven in a way that kids can not only understand, but can also get excited about. That’s why I was tickled when the team at Tommy Nelson gave me the opportunity to review a new Sunday School Curriculum entitled Heaven is for Real for Kids, geared for children ages 4-8.
As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for new, Biblical resources that can enrich our day at home together. I received this curriculum at the perfect time: New Year, new semester, new Bible lessons. I am approaching this book by implementing one lesson a week. Each lesson will be spread out over a few days each week. They are designed to be used in a classroom setting with more than one child, but can be easily tailored to fit your needs at home, whether you are homeschooling or just looking for a way to teach your younger children about Heaven. There are memory verses, fun activities, and crafts that come with each lesson which will help your kids retain and apply what they are learning.

As a teacher, I always like lessons that are easy to follow; ones that flow well without a lot of stopping to read instructions or find your place. In the first lesson alone, I could see that this curriculum is simple to follow. Everything you need is right there in an organized format that even the most inexperienced teacher would understand (I say this as one in that category). It only took me about fifteen minutes to prepare. There is a list of objectives and supplies needed at the beginning of each lesson. and the words in bold are what you would say to your kids or students.


This week’s lesson was entitled: Heaven is for Real and You’re Going to Like It. Here’s what we did:
We started off by talking about a special event we were looking forward to. We each got to act out that event and the other person had to try to guess what the event was.

I couldn’t figure out what she was doing at first. Of course after she told me it was obvious. She was pretending to ice skate. We talked about how excited she was to go ice skating for her very first time, something we hope to do in the near future. Then we talked about how Heaven is a lot like that special thing she was looking forward to. I told her about Colton Burpo, the little boy the curriculum is based on, and how he got to visit Heaven while he was having emergency surgery for a burst appendix. Noelle was excited to hear more about Heaven and Colton’s experiences there.


The next day we went over our Bible verse for the week which was Colossiasn 3:1
“You were raised from death with Christ. So aim at what is in Heaven, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God.”
We talked about what it meant to “aim” at something. We also discussed how Heaven is a real place and how fun it will be to share Heaven with those we love. Noelle got to draw a picture of someone she loves sitting in Jesus’ lap.

After she drew her picture, I asked her what she would like to do most when she gets to Heaven and she said (and I did not tell her to say this), “Give my crown back to Jesus because He is the King and He should have my crown.” I just love this girl!


On Wednesday, we wrapped up the lesson by talking about vacation and how fun it is to go on vacations together. Noelle wondered if there was a beach in Heaven and asked if we could all go swimming with God there. I told her that there is a lot we don’t know about Heaven but we do know that “Heaven is for real and we’re going to like it.”
Noelle got to make a “Heaven Bound Flier” on which she drew a picture of her and Jesus together. It was a great tool to remind her of what the Bible says about “aiming at what is in Heaven”. We ended with her reciting the verse and then by praying together and thanking God for creating Heaven to be such a wonderful place.
What are your thoughts about how we can teach our kids to “aim” at what is in Heaven? Leave your comment below and come back each week to see what we’re learning. If you are interested in finding out more about this curriculum, or about the DVD curriculum for kids ages 9-12, visit group.com or your local Christian retailer.
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  1. Being kingdom minded changes your whole life perspective and makes it possible to live this journey with joy, purpose and hope. We are not home yet and I pray He finds me busy for His kingdom when He returns for His Bride (ME!) :)

  2. Really puts things in perspective…it’s way to easy and often I find myself caring about things that don’t matter a bit.

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